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Hey Y"all! Fall is Here!

When it comes to fall, there are a lot of things that I love to do. A couple of these things are apple and pumpkin picking, and carving pumpkins. When I was little, my parenst would take my brother and I to an apple orchard to pick the best tasting apples for apple pies or just to eat. The amount of fun we would have was more than I tell you. For the first week in October, my mom would take my brother and I to a pumpkin patch that would sell any size pumpkin for $3.00. You would have to get there on the first day it opened because all of the good pumpkins would be gone. We'd come home with around 4 of them and wouldn't carve them until a couple days before Halloween. As we got older, our pumpkin carving would get more and more challenging and intricate. I wish I had photos of the carvings from past years. Now I have a little contest for all of my followers. Upload pictures of your carved pumpkins on my Facebook or Twitter page and the winner will receive a bunch of apple goodies from a local apple orchard.

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